Top tips for memorable family videos

It is fun when family get together for holidays, celebrations, and reunions. Most people want to take those memories home to cherish. Weddings are such whirlwind events that the bride and groom tend to miss everything but their vows. Graduates see the event from their singular perspective. Family reunions abound with individual stories that can be shared on the video so everyone can hear the stories that make up their family history.

Be prepared with the right equipment.

While there are many smart phones that have pretty good video capabilities, they really are inadequate for creating a family video. A better quality camera with more bells and whistles will enable you to create a memorable video. Look for a video camera with these features:

  • High Pixel Count: the higher the count the better the picture quality. Look for the term ”true resolution”
  • Good low light performance: Activities often take place indoors. Even a reunion event can happen on a cloudy day.
  • Good Zoom: Optical Zoom maintains picture clarity.
  • Stability: Look for menu item for anti-shaking, and test it for comfort to prevent jostling the camera.
  • Connectivity: HDMI is essential for using computer software to view and edit your video.
  • LCD screen and viewfinder: It may be tempting to use the screen to make your video, but a viewfinder is better when working in bright light, and a viewfinder won’t use as much battery power as the screen will.
  • Sound: Look for a plug in for a microphone and a jack for headphones. The on board mic is often not adequate and the headphones will let you hear the reception over the microphone.

Creating your family video.

Have a plan in place what you want to film. Each of the above scenarios offer a different element to plan. One example is the case of the wedding.

The chances are good there will be a professional working too such as animation companies Leeds based Brian, who told us ” What can you do that perhaps they can’t? Can you get some behind the scenes action? Can you perhaps focus on the reception preparations or the rehearsal dinner?” Thanks Brian, great tips!

Another example is the family reunion. Perhaps you can be the family historian. Prepare some questions to discuss with the older generation about their younger years. Or you can record the games that are often played at reunions, or if there is music and dancing, you can record those events.

Shorter stories hold interest well.

These focus points will allow you to create a memorable family video that with a concept that the viewers will be able to appreciate. Make sure your video is short enough to retain everyone’s attention without being so short that their hardly seem a point.

Paul of Paul Craig Photography a wedding photographer in Leeds has seen an increase in interest in short documentary videos.  Six to eight minutes of behind the scenes activity will ramp up interest in the wedding, for example. Or 20 minutes of interviews with elders will interest both generations without being too long. Rather than one long video. Make several for different parts of the family event and show them at different times.

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